What is Chi?

Tree representing Life Force Chi

Chi (spoken like Cheese without s) is the Chinese term for vital energy or life energy, also called Ki in Japanese, Sen in Thai or Prana in Ayurvedic (Indian) tradition.

The belief in those and other cultures is that Chi/Ki/Sen/Prana… runs through energy lines in the body that are not visible, but which can be sensed by trained practitioners and even the aware individual.

Recent studies suggest that those energy lines can in fact be traced in the myo-facial tissue, but further studies need to be done until this can be confirmed.

Different exercise forms relate to the knowledge, unity and utilisation of Chi:

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is a yin (slow) martial arts form that supports the cultivation of Chi. Traditionally it is practised to energise the energy in the body in order to cure or prevent illnesses.

Qi Gong helps to harmonise, balance and cleanse the body and the mind.

Qi Gong can also be translated as a “Skill gained through work with breathing”

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is the art of managing Chi. The movements in Tai Chi help to distribute Chi throughout the body, energising parts or organs that might be effected by illness or simply to ground and warm the body.

Tai Chi helps to build awareness and calm the mind, which support concentration and relaxation.

Both Qi Gong and Tai Chi can be referred to as ‘Meditation in Motion’.

In Chinese Medicine, Qi Gong and Tai Chi relate to the ‘Rising Yang’ energy.

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