Nutrition And Chi – Facts You Need To Know – Part 2

Food and Chi - storage

2. The Storage, Transportation and Preservation of the food

How we store, transport or preserve food between the time of acquisition and consumption influences the maintenance, enhancement, nature and quantity of Chi in the food.

Causes for the effect on the quality of the food that need to be considered are:

1. How was the food harvested, transported or stored?

2. How much time is lapsed between the harvest and the consumption?

3. Which methods were used to preserved the food between harvest and consumption?

The visual aspect of the food can give us some clues about these questions, even if we don´t know how the food has been transported, preserved or stored. Watch out for any signs that will give you a clue, like bruises, smell, dryness or wetness (depending on the natural state of the food).

Make yourself familiar with the most beneficial storage method for the different foods. Most greens are best placed in a cool, dark place where they can maintain their crunchiness or moisture, while a place in the fridge is not suitable for others (like tomatoes or a number of tropical fruit)

Preservation is a big thing, as it can substantially change the quantity and nature of Chi. While sun drying, dehydrating or smoking can concentrate Chi in food, it has to be done with the consciousness that heating food over 46°C destroys nutrients. It´s therefore important to consider the benefits of these methods with other preservation methods such as

– pickling/salting (changes the nature of Chi, which might be good or bad, depending on individual needs)
– freezing (under good conditions a neutral process that slows down Chi loss)

Don´t eat food unless it rots. But don´t eat it when it rots.
– Chinese Proverb

If exposed to chemical preservatives, the structure of food can become so stable, that it can´t be easily broken down by a living organism. Because those preservatives are artificial, they can substantially affect the Chi in the body, causing chronic and destructive illnesses like cancer. They are to be avoided wherever possible.

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