Nutrition And Chi – Facts You Need To Know – Part 1

Nutrition and Chi - Quality of Chi in food

TCM teaches that there are three sources that influence our level of Chi (Vital Energy, Life Force):

  1. Prenatal/Constitutional Chi
  2. Nutritional Chi
  3. Post-natal Chi

Nutritional Chi is the energy that we gain from the food we take in. The aim is to ingest food with an as high as possible content of Chi. The more Chi is present in the food, the more is available to our body.

In relation to determining the quality of Chi that is provided in our food, we need to consider a few aspects:

  1. The Quantity of Chi at the point of purchase
  2. The Storage, Transportation and Preservation of the food
  3. The Cooking and Preparation Process
  4. The Consumption of the food
  5. The Digestion process

1. The Quantity of Chi at the point of purchase

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors had no problem determining the quality of their food. Whatever they could find or hunt was definitely fresh and unprocessed.

Unfortunately that is different today. High demand of food and the creativity of people in the “food-industry” has brought us thousands of products that are processed and rather food-like, than being of nutritional value.

Processed food does not provide any Chi at all. High doses of Chi through nutrition is only available to us from “living foods”, like fruits and vegetables or foods that are processed in a way that allows them to maintain their nutritional value (like f.e. powders from “super foods” that are not heated over 46°C like Maca, Acai, Cacao, Mesquite, Spirulina,…).

When choosing your plant-based food, consider the following aspects:

1. Was it grown organically?

Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other sprays lower the life of the food substantially

2. Is it in season?

Eating food that is in season is good for the body, as it has different demands in different times of the year, especially during summer and winter. Also, food that is in season, does not have to be prepared or transported in some kind of way from somewhere where it is in season.

3. Does is look healthy?

Does it have a natural look or is it unnaturally shining or colourful?

4. Is it grown locally?

Food that is grown (organically) in its natural environment is “in sync” with the Chi of the area and it will meet the body´s needs. The body of a French person has different demands than that of an Inuit or an Indian. If there is no local food available, it is advisable to choose food from a similar environment than the one you live in.

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