Got My Sense Of Smell Back!

I had lost my sense of smell for many years, but when I was doing the “Rainbow” movement, I suddenly noticed a wonderful scent. I was wondering what it is when I realised at the same time that it was my own perfume and that I could actually smell it!

I think I owe this to my increased awareness of my body that I experience since I´ve been doing the ChiBall classes.

Y., Townsville

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About the author:

Petra Creutziger is the founder of Simply Relaxation, a company dedicated to helping parents, care-givers, teachers, trainers and coaches to release, avoid, eliminate and prevent stress. It is her strong belief that this is best done through body-work, movement and mindfulness, which is why she writes articles about well-being and sustainable living and provides courses, classes and trainings related to those areas.. Follow him on Twitter / Facebook.

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