Energy Balance – Qi Gong For Kids

Is your child

  • tired or exhausted after school?
  • diagnosed with ADD or ADHD?
  • feral when you pick him/her up?
  • struggling to concentrate doing their school or homework?

Children need to move. Movement supports their ability to take in and process information – that’s how they learn best, no matter which one of the different movements of energy they most tend to. During school hours there is unfortunately not much time for the children to move their bodies. That makes it difficult for some children to follow the lessons. The reasons are different, sometimes contrary:

Every child has its own energy pattern, a certain kind of way their energy moves. That could be upward, downward, inward, outwards or centered.  When children of different energy movements come together, like in a classroom setting, there is a lot of subtle movement that affects their bodies and minds on a subconscious level, where it creates a lot of physical and mental stress. As a result, it depletes their energy or creates a boundlessness that needs a valve.

By lunch time they are at the peak of their depletion or overkill and only the prospect for movement and food (energy) intake gives them opportunity to adjust their energy level. That of course only applies if a depleted child gets enough energy from his or her food to fill up some reserves and the child with immoderate energy can release some through movement.

If you find that one or more of the above behaviours apply, it’s a sign that your child/ren’s energy is out of balance.

The purpose of this course is to

  • help your child connect to it’s natural way of movement
  • get a feeling for being balanced or unbalanced
  • help your child understand that he or she has the power to change their state
  • give your child the tools to balance his/her energy

Energy Balance for Kids will

give your child the tools to feel good,
take control over his or her energy naturally,
without any equipment necessary,
no matter their type of energy movement.

It shows the children how to

tune in their body,
understand its messages,
become more mindful of themselves and
be confident with who they are

Your child will learn

  • movements to increase or release energy
  • breathing techniques to lower or raise the liveliness
  • tapping points for better concentration or stress release
  • mental strategies for increased mindfulness

We’ll give school a head start and start this 5 week course two weeks into term. There are two options available:

Mondays, for those who experience their biggest challenge after the weekend starting

Monday, 10th of February at 3.45pm – 4.45pm

or Wednesdays for children who need an extra kick to get over hump day

Wednesday, 12th of February at 3.45pm – 4.45pm

The investment in your child’s health and wellness is $75, payable via cash (at time of registration), direct debit or EFTPOS

Register your child today!



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