Do I need to consult my doctor before I start Qi Gong or ChiBall?

Consult your doctor - and do your own research

If you start a new movement practice, you most likely will have to sign a disclaimer or waiver of responsibility, that mentions you should consult with your doctor before changing your exercise regime or starting a new one.

However, I think we have to re-think the trust and power we give to our doctors and their advice. I have personally experienced some and heard about even more (first-hand) stories, where the advice of a doctor was totally off-track, incompetent and at times contradicting common sense.

Personally I am lucky to have a doctor who is not only open to the origin medicine and healing systems, but even takes advantage of them herself – with great results!

So although I should probably by law say that you should consult your doctor, I like to say consult your common sense first and do your own research. That way you take responsibility for your own health – and the credit as well.

Always ask yourself: does your doctor know about these things at all? Is she supportive of origin/alternative healing methods? Does he practise any form of movement program? Is he healthy?

If they are not, their advice is questionable simply due to lack of knowledge or understanding. You might be better off doing your own research and find opinions pro and contra any exercise program and build your own based on your findings.

But for the record and in case it´s a legal requirement: Please consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regime 😉


About the author:

Petra Creutziger is the founder of Simply Relaxation, a company dedicated to helping parents, care-givers, teachers, trainers and coaches to release, avoid, eliminate and prevent stress. It is her strong belief that this is best done through body-work, movement and mindfulness, which is why she writes articles about well-being and sustainable living and provides courses, classes and trainings related to those areas.. Follow him on Twitter / Facebook.