Moving Chi – Massage, Movement, Mindfulness

In my work as a therapist I have noticed that many people I met lately suffer from back and shoulder pain or stiffness in the hips. These are by default  sensitive areas where stress and tension manifest in most people.

During my research for finding practical, effective and efficient ways to de-stress, I re-discovered the power of Qi Gong, which I would like to introduce in a new form in a program called Moving Chi. It builds on our motto

Massage – Movement – Mindfulness

and combines self-massage and acupressure techniques with Qi Gong exercises and meditation/visualisation practices.

This too is going to be a very, very gentle exercise program, which is suitable for all ages, flexibility levels and intensity of stress and tension.

Due to the nature of the program, each class builds on the one before, but in saying that the exercises are easy enough to learn them quickly in case you missed a class.

Moving Chi is  a motion training for body and mind, that specifically focuses on clearing the energy flow in the meridians and the energy centers.

Moving Chi means moving energy through self-massage and soft acupressure, easy, slow, flowing movements, mindfulness and meditation.

The intention of Moving Chi is to provide self-healing exercises for the body to heal and create a sense of well-being. They balance the energy in the body and enable you to regain good health, recover from injury and improve the body´s resistance to disease.

Moving Chi introduces mindfulness in form of conscious breathing, a very important component in the cultivation of the life force Chi.

Because Chi can only flow through soft joints, stretching exercises are preparing the body to become smooth and supple, so that the cultivated Chi can then be consciously and intentionally sent through the body.

A body in motion constantly cultivates and nourishes Chi, supports the unblocked flow of energy, therefore improves physical and mental mobility and strengthens the nerves and muscles.

Relaxation is a vital ingredient in achieving a healthy body, which is why relaxation exercises are an important part of the Moving Chi program. Again, a modern form of relaxation is stretching, which in this context can be redefined as meditation in motion.

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