More Power With Do-In

You can’t keep things rolling? Try Do-In – a massage technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine, which encourages the flow of energy in the body.

Do-In Results
Get fit for your day with easy techniques that you can apply wherever you are: in bed, at your breakfast table or even in your office and – if you don’t mind the bewildered gazes from your seat neighbour – the underground train or a bus.

Each Do-In exercise provides you with vitality, all combined make a short but effective holistic well-being program.

Before you start it is important to warm up your hands. In order to do that, you simply rub your palms together. Try different motions and observe whether they make a difference in your experience: a fast rub from fingertips towards the wrist, a circular motion or chafing sideways.

For more pep in your hands

In the middle of the palm lies a point called ‘Palace of Work’. When your hands feel cold or empty of energy, applying a pressure massage can bring new vitality:

Simply kneed the middle of your palm with the thumb of your other hand in a circular motion as firm and long as it feels comfortable (valid for all Do-In exercises), then change hands.

For a straight back

Fold your hands and stretch them over your head on the exhale, so that the palms of the hands face upward to the ceiling/sky. On the inhale, release your arms and bring them back down.

This stretch not only deepens your breathing, but also supports a straight back and fights fatigue. For best results, repeat several times.

For sleek joints

Tension in the body blocks energy that runs through it. This often happens in the joints, especially the hands. To release, grab the back of one hand with the other and stretch it towards the wrist, then bend it back. Switch hands, then rotate your hands in both directions as if performing an oriental dance and feel how your joints start to feel more flexible and the energy can run more freely and smoothly.

For relief in head and intestines

Slowly, but intensely kneed the muscle in the triangle between thumb and pointer finger.

This frees not only your head, but also dislodges pain, opens a blocked nose and encourages the digestive system. There is a reason why this point is known as ‘The Big Eliminator’!

Do not massage during pregnancy.

For easier breathing

Focus on the ball of your thumb. Across that muscle there is an energy point on the lung meridian, called “fish belly border”. Kneading this point intensely with your fingers will support and deepen your breathing.

Stimulating the Meridians

Massaging the fingers stimulates six meridians at once – this pushes the whole organism. Simply grab the finger of one hand with the thumb and pointer finger of the other and stroke from knuckle to fingertip in a circular motion. Repeat this with all fingers, then swap hands.


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